Happily freed from precision, this cutting and sewing as riotous mantra. 

In this ongoing body of work I call “Piecework”, I’ve adapted quilt strip-piecing techniques to create textural fields of ordered chaos where minimalist imagery meets maximalist craft processes (and refuses to lie flat). Recycled clothing and fabrics are sewn together and then repeatedly slashed apart, re-sorted and re-sewn, gradually fracturing and dispersing individual fabrics across the surface in a process that embodies the beauty and absurdity of repetition.

I am interested in the relationship between texture and time. The process of building a piece, whereby a fabric loses its singular quality to become part of a whole, parallels how time washes a harmonious patina over objects and memories.

These are not ignorant textiles: all have had another life and represent a kind of personal archive. Redeeming a box of scraps is not trivial; indeed it honours the original quilt-making ethos of sparingness and leaves intact one of its innate virtues.